We are the trusted experts in the diagnosis, service and maintenance of transmissions. Before starting any repair, we will perform an extensive multi-point inspection on your transmission. An $85 value available at NO COST! And for over half of the cars we service, we find only a minor repair is required.

If your transmission does require repair, AAMCO will rebuild your transmission and is backed by the strongest nationwide warranty in the business, from our basic no-questions-asked nationwide warranty to our available iron-clad lifetime warranty at all 1,100 nationwide locations.

We service import and domestic transmissions as well as automatic and standard transmissions. We also repair diesel transmissions. We have transmission parts, torque converters, high performance transmissions and we are the Allison experts.

Transmission Tips from AAMCO:

One of many ways that an AAMCO certified technician can diagnose a lot of transmission problems is by looking at the level and quality of your transmission fluid. Here are some tips from the pros at AAMCO you can perform by looking at your car’s transmission fluid in your own garage or driveway.

  • If you see low fluid levels, you may have a leak. Come see us for our Transmission Multi-Point check and identify any small leak before it becomes a big headache.
  • The color and condition of your transmission fluid can quickly help you identify if you may have a transmission problem:
  • Normal fluid is reddish-brown and translucent, with no particular odor
  • Contaminated fluid has water or particles in the fluid
  • Burnt fluid may indicate damage from overheating