The Trusted Brake Repair Experts in Howell, MI

The company renowned for its work on transmissions is also the trusted source for brake work in the Howell, MI area. From anti-lock brake repair to brake rotor replacements, you can trust your local AAMCO technicians to provide exceptional, competitively priced brake services, backed by the national reputation our dedicated technicians have earned as a result of decades of exceptional auto maintenance and repair service.

Comprehensive Brake Repair Services, Including:

• Anti-Lock Brake Repair
• Brake Pad Replacement
• Brake Shoe Replacement
• Brake Rotor Replacement
• Brake Inspections
• Rotor and Drum Machining
• And Any Other Brake Services!

How can you tell if the brakes on your Howell, MI car or truck are in need of service?

Many people are familiar with the squeaky braking or grinding vibration that are indicative of wearing brakes, but there are other signs that could indicate your brakes are in need of some love and care from the Howell, MI brake experts at AAMCO.

If it feels like you’re losing power to your engine there’s a chance that your brakes are failing to properly release. Or if your vehicle is pulling to one side or the other whenever you apply your brakes it may be because of more than just an underinflated tire, it could be improperly calibrated brakes.

And if you’re having to apply excessive pressure to stop your car or your brake pedal is almost touching the floor when you push it down then you should really consider making a brake repair appointment with our skilled and trusted Howell area brake professionals.

Did the ABS light just go on in your car?

If your anti-lock brake light went on, and no other brake warning lights are on, then your brakes should continue to function, just without the benefit of the skid protection afforded by your anti-lock brake system. Your ABS light could go on for a variety of reasons, from having low brake fluid level or a loss of pressure in your ABS system to an unrelated electrical malfunction in your dashboard.

If your brakes are not functioning adequately enough to safely operate the vehicle then you should not drive it to a shop. In that event it is always best to call a tow truck and have your car delivered to a certified brake service provider.

Your brake system consists of more than just brake pads.

Some people may be under the misconception that as long as they fill up their brake fluids and replace their brake pads on occasion that they will have nothing else to worry about. While these maintenance services are necessary it’s also important to be cognizant of your brake rotors. The brake pads press against the brake rotors, which are connected to the wheels, in order to slow and stop your vehicle. Brake rotors can wear down just like brake pads, which means they either need to be motored and resurfaced or replaced. The frequency of which you need to have your brake pads or brake rotors replaced is dependent on where and how you drive. The more braking you have to do on a regular basis the faster your brakes are going to wear down.

The type of vehicle you have is also an important determining factor in how long your brake rotors will last. Manufacturers are always looking to reduce weight, and one of the ways they’ve done this is by making brake rotors thinner, meaning lighter. The drawback is it’s hard to resurface a rotor that’s ultra-thin. Older model brake rotors can often be machined multiple times before needing to be replaced, but if you drive a newer vehicle you may need to be replacing your brake rotors almost as often as you’re replacing your brake pads.